Since 2006 valorisation is one of the three main activities of the university, next to education and research. But what is valorisation and in which forms does it appear? During this seminar you get familiar with the value of valorisation within your research domain, and you learn to look at scientific research form the perspective of a ‘user’ of academic knowledge.

Learning Goals

After attending this seminar you know :

  • What valorisation means for your domain
  • How you can create transfer of knowledge
  • What is the importance of thinking from the market/user perspective


Wiljan van den Akker is professor and dean, member of the Humanities Faculty of Utrecht University.

Mirko Lukács is a Business Developer at Utrecht Holdings and supports researchers in knowledge exchange and in working together with third parties. He graduated from Communication Science program from the University of Amsterdam and has broad experience with market research, new media and business development. Mirko knows his way around the academic as well as the business world and helps top researchers to bring their knowledge and applications to market in collaboration and co-creation projects in domains such as e-learning, e-health and serious gaming.

Anneke Menger focuses on practical research for social professionals who work in the judicial sector, such as supervisors in social rehabilitation and group leaders in judicial juvenile institutions. She is a lecturer in the Faculty of Society and Law at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU). Anneke works with a broad network of people that are active in the workforce as well as in the field of education. This ensures that changes that are happening in the business world get immediate academic attention. Her lecture class is so well respected by social organisations that they also contributes to the financing of the course.

Eddy Boeve is an experienced entrepreneur who is an expert at making use of alpha and gamma expertise. He follows his passion at Booming: helping organisations to improve their online presence, by including the application of consumer psychology within the digital world. To do so he makes use of the latest scientific insights. As the former CEO of the CWI incubator he has much affinity with valorisation processes within a scientific environment.