Research funding

Knowledge transfer is becoming increasingly important, which means more funds are becoming more available and it even  weighs heavier when financiers (such as NWO) review proposals. How do you respond to these changes? What sort of funding sources are there? How do you provide insight in advance in the availability of knowledge transfer opportunities?

Learning objectives

After attending this seminar you will know about:

  • The available forms of financing for knowledge transfer research
  • How to write a promising proposal
  • What a good financial plan does look like


Erik Prins is a partner at Birch Consultants. He has extensive experience in project funding via the Dutch government and the European Commission (via the framework programme). Erik worked as a Liaison Officer at Wageningen University and Research Centre to set up cooperation with external parties, companies and governments. From 2008 he worked at PNO Consultants as a senior advisor for international consortia of companies and knowledge institutions. He assisted in defining joint R&D projects and finding funding for those projects. Erik trains scientists at several Dutch universities in writing proposals.

Wilfried van Sark is a university professor in the Energy & Resources group for the Geosciences faculty at Utrecht University. He facilitates and coordinates research into new techniques for the next generation of solar cells and works on the implementation of various types of sustainable energy. Wilfried is a member of the editorial team of the scientific magazine ‘Renewable Energy’ from Elsevier and is also a member of a variety of organisation committees for conferences in the EU, such as IEEE and SPIE PV.

Wouter Segeth is the Valorisation Grant program manager at technology foundation STW. STW creates knowledge transfer between technical sciences and users, through financing excellent technical-scientific research and by bringing researches and end-users together on each project. In his current role Wouter is focused on achieving the goal of Valorisation Grant: bridging the ‘funding gap’: the difficulty that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial researchers experience in trying to finance the first steps of knowledge utilisation.