Ethics and business / intrapreneurship in a public organization

LSHS 2012

Are you a MSc or PhD student in Life Sciences and Health at Utrecht University? Interested in learning more on processes of new value creation within this field? In this series of seminars academic experts and practitioners from industry and government will share their insights on entrepreneurship and innovation in the Life Sciences and Health domain. They will explore the interaction between science, industry and policy in this domain.

Speakers are prof. dr. Erik Stam (Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, UU), Cristianne Rijcken (PhD UU, CEO and founder Cristal Delivery) and Rob van Leen (Chief Innovation Officer at DSM) amongst others.

Participation in the seminar series can be rewarded with 3 ECTS, when students participate in at least 8 out of 10 seminars, and deliver a report on each seminar. The seminars can be found in osiris: codeBMB509613.

Date: From September 18th every third Wednesday of the month.

Time: 17.00 – 18.30 hrs
Location: Gele Zaal, UMC Utrecht


Please register online by filling out the registration form Entrepreneurship and Innovation Seminars


Date  Topic Speaker Name
18 Sept 2013 Introduction Erik Stam 2 Prof. Erik Stam Slides Erik StamSlides Paul Grundeman
16 Oct 2013 Start-up Cristianne Rijcken
Dr. Cristianne Rijcken
Slides of Cristianne Rijcken will not be published online.
20 Nov 2013 Financing innovation
Dr. Harrold van Barlingen
Slides Harrold van Barlingen
18 Dec 2013 Translational research: Applying science in practice Prof. dr. Berent Prakken Slides Berent Prakken
15 Jan 2014 Corporate innovation and

Dr. Rob van Leen
Slides Rob van Leen
19 Feb 2014 Knowledge transfer and new business development   Dr. Oscar SchootsRoel Raatgever
19 March 2014 Ethics and business / intrapreneurship in a public organization Prof. dr. Bart Fauser
16 April 2014 Product Innovation within UMC Utrecht Karianne Lindenhovius
21 May 2014 From science to business
to science
Dr. Eva van Rooij
18 June 2014 Full time clinician, full time innovator.   Dr. Willem Suyker