Innovation Process

When one thinks of innovation we think of laboratories and advanced electronics. In this session we show that many other innovations are possible. And that much non-technical knowledge is needed for (technical) innovation. Often many different disciplines are involved in making successful new products and services. Where is your knowledge valuable?

Learning objectives

After attending this seminar you will know:

  • What innovation is and what forms of innovation exist
  • Which opportunities a multidisciplinary collaboration can provide
  • Which natural sciences knowledge is a prerequisite for innovation success


Harro van Lente is an Associate Professor of Emerging Technologies at Utrecht University and Socrates Professor of Philosophy of Sustainable Development at Maastricht University. His research interests concern how emerging technologies, such as nanotechnology, hydrogen and medical technologies produce novelty and needs. Needs appear to change under the influence of technological developments. He deals with the questions that arise from this, such as: how do you take into account the needs of future generations through sustainable development? Since 2011 Harro is Program Director Technology Assessment in the research consortium NanoNextNL.

Mirko Tobias Schäfer is the founder of the Utrecht Data School and is specialized in determining the impact of media on society. In the Hackers Lab in Vienna he experienced the innovation process closely. Now within the Utrecht Data School he sees and steers first hand the knowledge needed to find useful applications of the information in large databases that are now being collected in many places.

Bart Metselaar is Chief Executive Officer at Enceladus. From 2005 on he has managed the company’s research projects, patent portfolio and daily operations. He leads the pharmaceutical development of the company’s proprietary technology into clinical applicable products. Previously Bart was trained as a pharmacist within the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Utrecht University and invented the liposomal corticosteroid technology platform.