Knowledge transfer is becoming increasingly important, which means more funds are becoming more available and it weighs heavier when financiers (such as NWO) review proposals. How do you respond to these changes? What sort of funding sources are there? How do you provide insight in advance into the availability of knowledge transfer opportunities?

Learning objectives

After attending this seminar you know:

  • The available forms of financing for knowledge transfer research
  • How to write a promising proposal
  • What a good financial plan looks like


Hans Melle van Dijk is head of the Research & Grant Office of the Social Sciences Faculty of Utrecht University. Here researchers can get information on subjects including subsidy availability, submission procedures and support with writing subsidy proposals. Hans Melle has extensive experience in identifying opportunities for financing. In his former role as EU-liaison officer he supported researchers in recognising relevant opportunities and types of research that qualify for financing from the EU.

Elske Gerritsen is a senior program officer and policy advisor of the NWO. The NWO finances scientific research at Dutch universities and institutes. Elske focuses specifically on policy and strategy development. She is responsible for the development of research programs in the domains of culture, heritage and media in collaboration with knowledge institutions as well as with organisations in the fields of culture and society. Elske also fulfills a role as interim chief of research and senior policy advisor at the Humanities Faculty of the University of Amsterdam.

Leo Lentz does research into the ability to comprehend texts and the user-friendliness of digital documents at the research institute UiL OTS. He does this as a contract researcher for third parties (ministries, provinces, banks, pharmaceutical companies), as well as through NWO-financed research. In the framework of the NWO-program Comprehensible Language and Effective Communication, active research is being conducted into financial communication in cooperation with the University of Groningen. Leo is a professor of Text Design and Communication at the Faculty of Humanities. He is director of education for the CIW study trajectory and head of the department Command of Language for the Dutch study programme.