Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

Transfer of knowledge often involves the creation of something new, and an entrepreneurial is attitude needed for it. What skills do you need as enterprising student or employee, and how do you start? This session shows how you can start your own innovative project within different environments.

Learning objectives

After attending this seminar you know:

  • What competencies are part of an entrepreneurial attitude
  • How you can be entrepreneurial within existing organisations
  • How you can be entrepreneurial within your own business


Erik Stam is Professor of Economics of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Utrecht University School of Economics. He also is the Academic Director of the Utrecht Center for Entrepreneurship. Erik is a member of the ‘Commission for the Future of the Craft Economy’ of the Economic and Social Council. He regularly advises regional, national and international organisations about innovation and entrepreneurial policy. Previously he has conducted research in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, economic organisation and economic development.

Maarten van Bottenburg does research into the social meaning of sport and how this meaning is influenced by the way in which sport is organised and led. His research focuses mainly on volunteer organisations in sport, such as sport clubs and sport unions, in a professionalising, commercialising and globalising environment. He also studies the meaning of these volunteer organisations for the ability to co-create public value, such as social participation, talent development, competitiveness and responsibility. Maarten is tenured professor of Sport Development and head of the  Utrecht University School of Governance (USG; in Dutch USBO).