Many great ideas come about through collaboration. But how does such a collaboration emerge, and which forms of collaboration exist? This session focuses on the forms of collaboration with non-academic partners. Where do you start and how do you ensure that everyone benefits from collaboration?

Learning objectives

After attending this seminar you know:

  • More about (forms of) collaboration between companies and knowledge institutions
  • What the ingredients are for a successful collaboration
  • How you can create a win-win partnership


Ruben van Wendel de Joode is co-founder of Common Eye, a consulting agency that is specialised in collaboration and alliance management. Formerly he was a consultant at Twynstra Gudde. Ruben earned a doctorate for his research into collaboration between professionals and organisations in online communities. He is active in several markets, namely knowledge institutions, financial services and within the public sector. “Alliance managers improve the collaboration among alliances. Networking and partnerships are my passion”, says Ruben.

Arjan van Hessen works at Utrecht University, the University of Twente and the company Telecats. His expertise is language and voice technology “a fascinating environment where technology is combined with ‘the person’, in a broad sense of the word”. The combination of the research world and the business world idea are ideal for him. Since 2009 Arjan has worked at CLARIN-NL, the infrastructure program for humanities. The goal of CLARIN-NL is to standardise textual sources as well as tools that can work with them. An example is speech recognition: CLARIN-NL aims to create an infrastructure where researchers, without too much technical know-how, can make use of the available data and tools.

Monique Smeets combines research at Unilever R&D Vlaardingen with her work as a tenured senior lecturer of Sensory Systems in Social Context at Utrecht University. Her goal is to build a bridge between university and industry in a mutual reconciliation of research. Monique identifies that through a changed finance landscape cooperating with corporate organisations is an attractive option to finance research. Furthermore she experiences that companies are in search of collaboration with universities to answer more fundamental questions.