Many great ideas are the result of collaboration. But how does such a collaboration emerge, and what forms of collaboration exist? This session will focus on the forms of collaboration with non-academic partners. Where do you start and how do you ensure that everyone benefits from collaboration?

Learning objectives

After attending this seminar you know:

  • More of (forms of) collaboration between companies and knowledge institutions
  • What are the ingredients for a successful collaboration
  • How you can come to a win-win partnership


Robin Bremekamp is partner at and founder of Common Eye. His expertise lies in collaboration issues that occur at the interface between the public and private domain. In cooperation with his clients he looks for opportunities for successful collaboration between all stakeholders. Previously Robin was a Senior Advisor at Twynstra Gudde and focused on cooperation issues. He connects people and organisations, and gives them insight into each other’s interests.

Emiel Staring is Managing Director of the BioMedical Materials program (BMM). He initiated this public-private partnership where universities, academic medical centres, 35 companies like DSM and patient organisations collaborate in the development and application of new biomedical materials. According to Emiel, combining the power of all of these different parties and jointly working towards a shared and common goal, is an important payoff for BMM.