For researchers, staff, teachers and master students

In this series of five seminars the various aspects of value creation are highlighted from the perspective knowledge institutions. The seminars can also be followed separately.

Level 2


For supporting staff, researchers and teachers

These workshops guide you as a policy maker or a researcher along several completed valorisation trajectories. These cases include all the phases of proposition, validation and execution.



For researchers, supporting staff and teachers 

This series of trainings follows a structured trajectory towards a concrete offer for corporate and social organisations. During three afternoons you go to work on your own case with your colleagues and experts from your domain. Throughout the afternoons there is guidance available to help you keep taking steps forward. The sessions of this series are not followed separately.

Level 4

Themed workshops

On demand

How do you write up a valorisation paragraph? How important is visibility for collaboration and how can you increase it? How easy is it for your target audience to find you, and who is this target audience exactly? For these and similar subjects we have practical, short trainings that are delivered on-location.