Value creation support

All of Utrecht’s knowledge institutions do research, and are making applications of this research by working together with companies and other organisations – thereby creating value for the entire community. Open collaboration between knowledge institutions and companies offers many possibilities. UtrechtVC and her partners help to facilitate these cooperations.


We screen your research for potential to valorise it and for the potential to collaborate externally. And we help you along the way. Want to know how?

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Start a company

It’s not every day that you start a knowledge-intensive company so take advantage of some serious assistance. All the talent, knowledge and skill that you need is right here in Utrecht.

If you’re beginning a company based on research, you can start at Utrecht Holdings.
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Get in touch with UtrechtInc when you have another innovative idea to start a company.
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From a short course about entrepreneurship, to starting a collaboration with an external party, or increasing your visibility as a researcher all the way to multi-day valorisation training – we’ve got it covered. After completing training you can spot opportunities earlier and can connect with the right and relevant experts in a timely fashion.

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Subsidy request

Doing research costs money. The academic institutions don’t necessarily take care of the full need for financing. You can, however, find excellent support within every faculty department. For knowing where, how and when you request a subsidy, contact the employees of the research support office, the grant office or (for Utrecht University of Applied Sciences/HU) the staff service O&O.

Value Proposition

What are the opportunities to create applications for your research? How do you develop a proposition that gets your potential users excited and warmed up to your goals? We provide advice and guidance for the various aspects of creating and delivering a value proposition and offer training for the focused activation of knowledge.

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Making an application of knowledge in an innovation or starting an innovative company is very risky. That is why its often difficult to get financing in an early phase. Thus, there are a few more easily accessible possibilities to access financing in Utrecht, in order to help innovation and innovative businesses on their way:

For starting entrepreneurs: loans up to €50.000 from Rabo Preseed funds / UtrechtInc

For researchers based in Utrecht: co-financing up to €25.000 for projects up to €50.000. More information:

For companies/ organisations: financing of technical feasibility research projects (Proof of Concept) up to €250.000. For more information contact UtrechtVC.

For general information:
UtrechtVC / 030 800 44 90 /

Intellectual property

If you have knowledge that could be valuable for others or if you have made an invention/discovery, its understandable that you make it official. Its thereby less difficult to pass on that knowledge. We have extensive experience with intellectual property and will be glad to help you further.

Utrecht Holdings
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Partner search and matchmaking

Collaboration, also outside of academic institutions, is becoming more important in education and research. With our broad network both inside and outside of Utrecht’s academic institutions we can help you search and target the right group.

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