Text mining with municipal data

Former UtrechtInc startup Citeflow (with mediation from UtrechtVC) has shared a data set from the municipal water utility (Rijkswaterstaat) with researchers from Faculty of Humanities. The researchers are conducting a semantic text mining analysis as part of an existing project that CiteFlow is carrying out for Rijkswaterstaat. In that research is the creation of a central search engine is critical for the internal identification of fields of knowledge and of specialists. These are identified on the basis of available e-mail and intranet information. On the basis of the results, the available pattern recognition, and clarification of the available data, Rijkswaterstaat can possibly make statements about the specialisation fields/clusters. This project can result in a common research proposal. Start project: May 2013 Status: Active Goal: research collaboration Role UtrechtVC: mediation and project management UtrechtVC contact: Mirko Lukacs