Serious game voor dyscalculia

Researcher and Associate Professor Evelyn Kroesbergen from the Social Sciences Faculty at UU is investigating dyscalculia, i.e. children who have trouble doing math. Her research shows that having a feeling for the order and size of numbers (number sense) plays an important role in the ability of young children to make calculations (group 1 and 2 of primary school).

Together with two colleagues from the Infomatica department and the Education department of the UU, she’s developed a prototype of a ‘number sensing game’. She uses the game to study if young students can train and further develop their sense for numbers. If this works primary schools can arrange an easy-to-access tool to signal the symptoms of dyscalculia at an early stage and to do something about them. The development of a similar serious came requires a specific game-expertise in relation to the target group. UtrechtVC is seeking collaboration with third parties such as the Dutch Game Garden and educational publishers/app developers.

Start project: June 2013

Status: active

Goal:  find collaboration partners for the development of a serious game

Role UtrechtVC: making connections with specialised parties and where necessary make the business agreements

UtrechtVC contacts: Mirko Lukacs and Ivo Plakman