New concepts in informal healthcare

Self-management and care of patients by family and loved ones; two themes that are in the spotlight as a solution to keep the care in the Netherlands affordable.

Where there are challenges, there are also opportunities. Increasingly more entrepreneurs see informal healthcare as a terrain with potential. Mezzo, the national society of informal care providers and volunteer caregivers, is noticing the growing number of entrepreneurs who contact them with questions or requests. Although many of their concepts are not close to attainable and/or scalable, a select few have the potential to generate profits for the entrepreneur and also have a direct impact on the informal caregivers as well as those who ask for care.

UtrechtVC, Mezzo, Syntens/KvK and the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences are offering a number of these entrepreneurs a program to give a number of concepts the necessary jump start or acceleration. This way these parties can contribute to the realisation of a number of new innovative and scalable solutions for informal care. A selected few of these entrepreneurs receive during a six-month period access to the network of Mezzo and are guided by the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and UtrechtVC.

The faculty financial-economic guidance of Innovation (lecturer Hans Duits) from the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences supports the entrepreneurs via teams of students and monitors the process. The faculty is also making use of this project’s trajectory to research into entrepreneurship opportunities and success factors within the informal care market. UtrechtVC provides expertise and facilities for entrepreneurs and student teams.


Start project: October 2013

Status: in preparation

Goal: new solutions for informal care, collaboration between business – Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU)

Role UtrechtVC: Initator and project management

UtrechtVC contactIvo Plakman