Fundraising for youth research YES!

The UU Faculty of Social Sciences participates together with four other countries in the Youth in Europe Study (YES!), a large scale and long-term research into the development and aspirations of young people. In the Netherlands, 6.000 youths from ages 14 up to and including 19, spread over 100 schools are followed.

To continue to follow school dropouts within this group, it became apparent that extra financing was necessary. Together with UtrechtVC researcher Sanne Smith started searching for extra sources of financing. Acquiring sponsorship from business became difficult to combine with the independent nature of the research. From Utrecht’s K.F. Hein funds a contribution of €10.000 has been promised. This makes it possible to continue to follow the school dropouts.

Start project: March 2012

Status: Completed

Goal: Extra research financing

Role UtrechtVC: support in approaching external parties

UtrechtVC contact: Mirko Lukacs