Ecology & Natural Resources Management students get practical

The study programme Ecology & Natural Resources Management (E&NRM) would like to get in contact in with businesses, governments as well as NGOs. The most important reason is that they want their students to be able to get practical working experience. After all, a large number of the graduates of E&NRM do end up working for consultancy firm or NGO.

UtrechtVC organised a meeting to bring these two worlds together. One intern told about her internship at an NGO where she developed guidelines for a pesticide policy to cultivate sustainable pineapples. Another example is an internship about the ecology and management of shallow lakes.

UtrechtVC has the program designed so that both supply (from education) and demand of the external organisation were brought to the table. For example, the guarantee of quality with a student executing the assignment was discussed.

The meeting has laid a good soil to further explore future collaborations with new organisations. Thus, the Municipality of Amersfoort indicated interest  in structural multi-year collaboration with Utrecht University.

Start project: February 2013
Status: Active
Goal: Create and build a relationship between the study programme and external parties
Role UtrechtVC: organisation, structuring, and mediation during the meeting session
UtrechtVC contactMartin Kempen