Digitally testing multi-dimensional images

For radiology exams of medicine students, the UMC Utrecht is developing a digital testing method with radiological images just like those used in clinical practice. With the digital testing tool ‘VQuest’, participants can scroll through actual multi-slice images and make image notes to answer the test questions. VQuest is developed by radiology researcher Cécile Ravesloot together with Koen Vincken and Christiaan Mol from the Image Sciences Institute of the UMC Utrecht, in collaboration with the SURF Foundation and the AMC. A first-time national test with VQuest, organised by the Dutch Society of Radiologists (NVVR) in April 2013, has been particularly successful. With support from UtrechtVC (Holdings) a plan is currently being worked out to offer VQuest as a digital examination method to research and education hospitals both nationally and internationally, as well as to other disciplines where image analysis plays an essential role.

Start project: January 2013
Status: active
Goal: research collaboration and market development
Role UtrechtVC/Holdings: collaboration guidelines, licenses and market development
UtrechtVC contact: Mirko Lukacs