Crowd Simulation Software

During an internship at the Utrecht company InControl an intern from the Informatics department of Utrecht University collaborated on the implementation of a specific crowd simulation software package. From here it became apparent that this collaboration needed to be expanded in both breadth and depth. UtrechtVC made the negotiations with InControl on behalf of the University for a licensing agreement over use of this software. After the licensing agreement expires the ability to expand this collaboration into behavioural sciences will be further researched. In simulation of the flow of people and crowds, behavioural sciences are also important in the simulation and understanding of how people behave in certain situations and how they can react to objects or other individuals.

Start project: February 2013
Status: Active
Goal: build a multidisciplinary collaboration between UU and Incontrol
Role UtrechtVC: licensing negotiations and project guidance
UtrechtVC contactMirko Lukacs