Big Data Analysis with the Utrecht Data School

How do you infer meaning from thousands of individual messages? How can you see at a glance whats important in a dataset with millions of data points? The researchers and students of the Utrecht Data School (UDS) of Utrecht University, founded in 2013, have been dealing with these topics. The purpose of UDS is to build a bridge between education, science and practice. In 2013 teams of students conducted social media analyses on the effective use of Twitter by relevant stakeholders, on assignment from communications agencies, NGOs, and ministries, respectively. Currently the province of Utrecht and an app development company from Utrecht, 2CoolMonkeys, are in discussion with UDS to find new open data solutions in the domains of city archaeology, mobility and health monitoring. For the creative industry, a research project into ‘participatory citizenship’ has been submitted for a top call from the NWO. All of these are projects where collaborations with third parties are at the forefront.

Start project: March 2013
Status: Active
Goal: collaboration with third parties around big data questions
Role UtrechtVC: guidance in making and continuing agreements with third parties and research financing
UtrechtVC contacts: Mirko Lukacs and Ivo Plakman