Battle Second Screen

Utrecht’s researchers and lecturers from the HU and the UU can obtain new concepts for research and education via crowdsourcing. Through cooperation with the company Battle of Concepts ( UtrechtVC puts out questions and collects concepts from over 10.000 students and alumni (up to 30 years of age) from all Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences.

The field of study Crossmedia Business (lecturer Harry van Vliet) from the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and the media companies with which they often collaborate, signaled that many second-screen applications are rarely innovative and fun. Therefore they are usually ineffective. The second screen (laptop or tablet on your lap while you watch the tv – the first screen) can be made use of in a better way. But how?

In response, the lectureship of Crossmedia Business, with production company Endemol, broadcasting company VPRO and brand activation agency Tribewise worked with us to write up a battle. This delivered 62 concepts, out of which the best 10 were used as a basis for students and researchers in the RAAK-project ‘The Future Now’, which thereby began with a flying start.

Start project: January – February 2013

Status: completed

Goal: new concepts, collaboration field of work – Hogeschool Utrecht

Role UtrechtVC: Initiator and project management

UtrechtVC contact: Ivo Plakman