Battle for Debt Relief

Crowdsourcing, querying a large group of people about a specific problem, offers Utrecht’s researchers and lecturers from the HU and the UU the opportunity to discover new concepts in order to their research and education. By working together with the company Battle of Concepts ( UtrechtVC put out questions and compiled the concepts of over 10.000 students and alumni (up 30 years of age) from all of the Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences.

The field of study Innovation in Debt Relief (lecturer Nadja Jungmann) from the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is purposefully contributing to new, innovative ways to resolve debts and (better yet) to prevent them. One of the challenges in doing so is to convince people to build a buffer so that, financially speaking, they can take a beating. Via a battle we are in search of new methods and instruments to realise this for a variety of target groups. The jury of the battle (including Nibud, GGN and Menzis) will be formed by organisations that can introduce and make use of the concepts and instruments in the market and in their work practices. The concepts will be worked out as much as possible by students from the HU (including the group ‘Nieuwe Dingen Doen’ from the faculty of Communication & Journalism).

Start project: September 2013

Status: in preparation

Goal: New concepts, collaboration between the working world and Hogeschool Utrecht

Role UtrechtVC: Initiator and project management

UtrechtVC contactIvo Plakman