ASR sees collaboration potential with UU and HU

ASR Insurance wants more contact with Utrecht’s knowledge institutions. The insurer would like to attract new talent, specifically in the field of informatics. ASR has one of the largest ICT departments for a non-IT company.

UtrechtVC has teamed up with the University and the University of Applied Sciences explored the available range for collaboration possibilities. Several initiatives will be elaborated in more detail. ASR would like:

  • 10 informatics students, from the University, to work on a challenge inside of ASR for 20 weeks.
  • profile themselves in the field of social entrepreneurship. UtrechtVC has therefore linked ASR to project SOON which concerns social business and entrepreneurship.
  • give guest lectures to let the knowledge gained from ASR’s practical experience flow back to the students.

UtrechtVC Contact: Martin Kempen