Masterclass Entrepreneurship in Healthcare and Wellness


In this masterclass the latest developments and trends in healthcare and wellness are brought to the table and we specifically focus on the role of technology and self-management. Innovators, change makers and stakeholders come together for this masterclass to build on innovation in the healthcare industry.


Masterclass Entrepreneurship in Healthcare and Wellness

Masterclass Content

As a result of technological breakthroughs and rising costs there has been quite a bit of movement in healthcare. Entrepreneurship is currently bringing very much meaningful change through innovative, scalable technology. When it comes to innovation in healthcare, Utrecht has an advantage because of the presence of innovative companies, top institutes and patient organisations – and has thus taken a leadership position in the Netherlands. The network in Utrecht is made up of excellent knowledge and helps innovation initiatives, distribution and promotion as well as application of this knowledge on a national and international level. The Masterclass Entrepreneurship in Healthcare and Wellness is for entrepreneurs, teachers, partners, experts, students and investors to recognise and discuss opportunities together.

Now is the time for more entrepreneurship because technology and opportunity is making it feasible, because citizens and common people want it and because it is a must to keep healthcare affordable and sustainable.


Jan Vos van Marken Jan Vos van Marken Director at UNOVATE (UMC Utrecht Exploitatie B.V.)
Dick Sietses Dick Sietses Partner at Health Innovations en Managing Partner at Health Innovation Fund


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